About Us

Who are we?

I am a vet with many years of working with animals and have developed a passionate interest in their wellbeing and treatment for pain and behaviour. l am specially trained and qualified in pain management and clinical behavioural consultations and am appropriately trained in positive training methods.

Where are we?

Based in Scotland, I can travel wherever required

How are appointments arranged?

By phone or by email- 07833459651    01505  874032      info@iatvet.co.uk    

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I  am   happy to answer any general queries however since pain and behavioural issues are complicated, I  can’t diagnose over the phone or by email.

Chronic Pain Management, treatment and clinical behaviourist


Chronic pain

We often worry about how our animals are coping with painful conditions, about whether they are comfortable or suffering, about the medicines they are on and about their quality of life. Sometimes our  pets become 'lazy', disinterested or maybe aggressive, develop sound phobias and other changes- could they be in chronic pain? We find out with an in-depth consultation discussing many issues, and suggest treatments if appropriate. Referral from your vet is required by asking them to email a history



Acupuncture can be used to treat chronic pain, inflammation and to promote wound healing. Only properly trained vets are allowed to undertake animal treatment. All ages and species can be treated. Ask your vet to refer you   or  make  an  appointment.


Laser Therapy

Laser treatment can be a very effective treatment for promoting healing of damaged tissue, reducing pain and promoting faster healing of wounds. It is a non-painful treatment for animals of all sizes.

I  use a world-leading Class IV laser, delivering first-class therapy to affected areas.

Clinical Behaviour



I  am  trained and qualified in clinical behaviour investigations in cats and dogs and will go through an in-depth consultation to establish the cause of these then formulate and start a training programme and any household issues to be addressed. Ideally this is by a home visit, especially in the case of cats , but it can also be arranged elsewhere.

Many problems have underlying veterinary issues causing, or worsening them which may not be recognised by non-vets.   Only positive reinforcement and treat-reward methods are used. 

Price List- This may be covered by your insurance policy.

Booking of 3 or 6 multiples qualify for 5% discount

All areas of Scotland visited- ask for travel quote outwith central belt


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